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What we do - service offering.


We have successfully applied our Vacuum Units in the following applications:

• Haulages, X-cuts, shaft bottom cleaning, belt and conveyor cleaning, vamping of stopes, underground dam cleaning, trackless or conventional mining conditions


The Vacuum application works equally well on wet or dry product. The product size vacuumed may vary from 0 – 100mm in diameter and vacuum distance depends on various factors such as SG of the product, size, horizontal/vertical suction direction, parallel connected or single units.

Vacuum units are either diesel or electrical, depending on application and may be connected in parallel to increase distance and volume. Units may be purchased or rented for a six (6) monthly or longer based period.

Pump Manufacture and Repair

We manufacture and repair any liquid ring pump. We cast our own components, machine and assemble the pumps in-house.

Mobile Units

Tanker units are designed according to the weight ration of the trucks supplied. Vacuum Bins vary in cubic meter size and could be fully/partially hydraulically operated. Each unit is build to customer specification and may be a combination of application such as vacuum, HP and screening units.

Machining, Casting and Fabrication

Our workshop is fully equipped (lathes, horizontal drills, boring mill and milling machines etc) to accommodate any form of fabrication and machining according to the client’s needs. We  manufacture from any drawing to customer specification.