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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Gearboxes, Cyclone Systems & Vacuum Vessels.


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Designed and manufactured for local conditions. We carry new units, exchange units and all parts for remanufacturing as required.


Belt driving pumps in mobile applications is not always ideal. We have a range of driving options, including high speed reduction gearboxes, split shaft PTO’s, etc.

Cyclone Systems

Cyclone filtration options available. Standard or application specific design using CFD simulation. Discharge is application specific including dump box and rotary valves.

Vacuum Vessels

Vacuum vessels are manufactured from a range of materials including Mild Steel, 304L Stainless Steel and 316L Stainless Steel.

We have an extensive manufacturing facility in the Vaal Triangle in South Africa. The manufacturing process starts with a design, that design is then translated into components. These components are then cut and machined with CNC technology to ensure accuracy and consistent assembly.